Since 1976, My Sisters’ Place (MSP) has worked to end violence in intimate relationships and combat the effects of domestic violence and human trafficking on women, men, and children throughout Westchester County.  MSP has evolved from a grass-roots task force and drop-in center into a cutting edge leader and resource in the field of domestic violence advocacy, shelter and legal services and education and prevention. Based on the tenet of taking a holistic approach and addressing the root causes of family violence, MSP is continually expanding in order to effectively respond to the increasing and changing needs of individuals in crisis. MSP’s mission is to engage each member of society in our work to end domestic violence and human trafficking, so that all relationships can embrace the principles of respect, equality, and peacefulness.

We provide ongoing Outreach for Midnight Run

Midnight Run is a volunteer organization dedicated to finding common ground between the housed and the homeless. It is also a keynote outreach activity for St. Barnabas, where Christ’s love and compassion is transmitted through members of the congregation to the needy and least among us.

In over 1,000 relief missions per year, volunteers from churches, synagogues, schools and other civic groups distribute food, clothing, blankets and personal care items to the homeless poor on the streets of New York City. Since 1986  under the leadership of Father Robert Godley and Claudia Didul, St. Barnabas parishioners have been traveling to the city on a Friday evening each month, visiting groups of homeless and hungry people in designated locations, supplying food, clothing and personal items for 100 people each month.

The late-night relief efforts create a forum for trust, sharing, understanding and genuine human interaction. That human exchange, rather than the exchange of goods, is the essence of the Midnight Run mission. Through Midnight Run, volunteers come to see the homeless as real people and homeless men and women discover that those more fortunate than them have not forgotten them.

For more information about Midnight Run, visit www.midnightrun.org